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After 13 months of nonstop reminders, I now have it firmly planted in my brain that Mr. Obama inherited the worst economic mess since the Great Depression. I've got it, Mr. Obama.

But from whom did he inherit it?

The current administration would have you believe it was George Bush. Isn't every ill America faces a direct result of the ineptness of George Bush? Everything from hurricanes to unemployment have been laid at the feet of GW.

If the lap dogs in the media were willing to do even the smallest amount of research, they would find otherwise.

Let's look at the current financial conditions that now plague each American. In 1994 Congress regained a Republican majority. That majority was responsible for budget appropriations and spending for fiscal years 1996-2007. During that eleven year period America ran a cumulative deficit of $1.2 trillion. About $100 billion per year. And in 1999, 2000 and 2001, we actually had surpluses, if you buy into Washington accounting.

In 2006 the Democrats, led by the first Madame Speaker Pelosi, gained the majority and as such controlled appropriations and spending. Therefore, they passed the budgets for fiscal years 2008-2010 which will run cumulative deficits of $3.2 trillion. In three years they tripled what took 12 years under the Republicans.

So, Mr. Obama, now that you have made it clear that you inherited this mess, let's make sure you identify your correct benefactor . Now that your Democratically controlled Congress is getting ready to approve a $3.8 trillion budget with a $1.6 trillion deficit, be prepared to start taking ownership of the ongoing mess your policies absolutely guarantee.

The national debt, debt limit, budget deficits and budget outlook have all taken a turn for the worse under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid. Some will ask, why didn't George Bush stop them with the veto pen? George Bush had troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and would not risk Congress cutting off funding for their needs. And while he bears some of the blame, certainly not all.

I would predict that soon we will see Mr. Obama claim he is victim of the missteps of his own administration. With foolish unthoughtful comments like "Mao is my hero" to "f---ing retards" flowing like milk and honey from the promised land of the socialist utopia, it is only a matter of time.

Mr. Obama needs to grow up and do so quickly. His talk of all he inherited and how miserable everything was when he took office is wearing thin on the people. No one forced him to run for president. He knew these problems existed. It is time for him to man up, take responsibility and display leadership. Stop whining and get the job done.

If he doesn't, he will go down as the first affirmative-action president. One who was ill-equipped to lead the greatest nation on the earth but was elected merely on his looks and charisma. How can he blame Republicans for his lack of his legislative success when he has majorities in both the House and the Senate?

Mr. Obama, even if you did inherit these items on your plate, you have two choices. You can keep blaming and crying, or start truly listening to all the voices in Congress and have an honest dialog with the American people and their representatives.

But be sure to let your fellow citizens know it is the out-of-control Democratic spenders who are exploding the deficit. It is the fear of heavy government regulation that has private capital frozen, capital that would invest in jobs and real long-term growth. It is your continued defamation of big business that hampers true recovery.

The time for finger-pointing and flowery speeches is over. Time to get to work or find a new job. You cannot live on your "inheritance" forever.

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