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Victim in Chief Barack Hussein Obama is adding to his long list of evil, greedy corporations taking advantage of millions of fellow victims in America. After targeting Big Oil and the health-insurance evildoers, the banks are now the target of his ire.

On Thursday, Mr. Obama made it clear he will no longer allow big banks to victimize the population. The days of their "obscene" profits and bonuses are over, and he is ready for a "fight" if they even consider opposing his new taxes and regulations.

It appears we are all victims of all these mean, greedy, nasty people who run big business in America. Mr. Obama is going to put them in their place and save us poor victims from the evil ways of big business.

The "fat cats" are now going to pay.

Forget the fact that for years Big Oil has made billions of gallons of gasoline available at thousands of gas stations throughout America, making the refueling of our vehicles much easier. Ignore the warmth in the winter and cool in the summer produced from the energy Big Oil makes available in abundance without interruption – or the ability to cook meals with the natural gas or electric Big Oil provides instead of having to make a fire in our homes. All of this apparently means nothing to Mr. Obama.

Big Oil is evil. It makes too much money. No matter how much value and convenience it brings to our lives, in a liberal's mind it must be stopped from "victimizing" the public in pursuit of obscene and despicable profits.

Let's not talk about how great products, excellent services and innovation produced from big corporations make our lives better. Liberals view them as evil and as such deserving of punishment.

Barack Hussein Obama is now going to stop the big, nasty banks from taking advantage of their customers. He is going to tax them and regulate them into good behavior. Yet Mr. Obama neglects to mention the convenience of ATM machines, online banking and bill paying, direct deposit or any of the other services banks provide. The banks make a profit and use those profits to offer even better services in the future. They find a need and fill it. It's the basic foundation of capitalism.

No, no, no, the banks are making profits and paying obscene bonuses. Therefore, they are evil and our hero, Barack Hussein Obama, must punish them for making a profit by providing a service.

Of course, Mr. Obama's favorite target is the health-insurance companies. You know, the ones that take our money month in and month out and give us nothing in return? The ones that deny claims or cancel us when we need them most. Those companies are just downright mean, and they're the reason to cram legislation down the throat of every American.

Now Mr. Obama wants to mandate that every one of us have insurance from the very companies that take advantage of us? Won't that just increase the obscene and absurd level of profits they already are making victimizing millions each day? His argument is as stupid as Harry Reid.

Barack Hussein Obama was raised with such a victim mentality he now wishes to make us believe we are victims as well. Forget about being responsible for our own lives and futures. We are victims in Mr. Obama's world, and he is going to protect us. A victim needs someone to rescue them, and Mr. Obama is your Huckleberry. America is evil. Corporations are evil, and Mr. Obama will right the wrong.

If America is a victim of anything, it soon will be a victim of Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal agenda. His agenda is poised to kill free markets and personal responsibility and replace them with a total government takeover of our businesses and personal lives.

His name should be changed to Barack Hugo Obama. If he gets his agenda passed and implemented, Cleveland, Ohio, will look more like Caracas, Venezuela. It is said, "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery." Mr. Chavez must be so proud of his protégé.

America, if anything, is a victim of her own success. We have become spoiled in many respects and take many things for granted. It is profitable companies that provide many of the marvelous conveniences we have that make our standard of living the best in the world.

Big companies provide millions of jobs with paychecks and benefits such as health care and retirement. Corporate profits are shared by the shareholders – many of whom are teachers, firemen and police officers with pensions. Investors who own stock in these evil companies have secured their financial futures with dividends and the increased value of their investments – all of which came from profit.

When the world faces disaster, such as seen recently in Haiti, look at what the big, bad evil companies in America did. More than $200 million and countless resources were sent from the evildoers to help relieve the suffering of the Haitian people. A total of $350 million was sent from business and personal donations from America while very little to nothing is sent from nations of the Islamic world. That money came from profits.

Many will fall prey to Obama's new populist message. His promise to fight on our behalf against the greedy banks, insurers and oil companies may sooth their rage against all that is wrong in America. The Obama victim mentality may be just as intoxicating as the flowery words that won him the White House. But it may destroy the everyday conveniences we enjoy in the process.

Less profit means less innovation, less investment in future services, less employment. In essence, it means a slower, lethargic economy at the exact moment we are attempting to revive and reenergize the most dynamic economy in the world.

We have seen this before with wage and price controls in the '70s. The government was going to solve all the problems. Government actions produced shortages of gas, long lines of frustrated motorists, higher prices and less availability. As soon as deregulation got the government out of the way, the lines disappeared and an abundance of gas caused prices to plunge.

Wage and price controls (government actions instead of free-market solutions) brought us to our knees in the late '70s. We had soaring unemployment and price inflation that birthed the term "stagflation." We developed the "misery index" as a result of similar "fixes" put in place by President Jimmy Carter.

Mr. Obama is clueless on how to run the economy, no less the entire country. Expect him to constantly change tactics hoping to stop his sinking popularity. His only hope is for us to become victims like him. It is George Bush's fault. It is the big corporations' fault. He is a victim of what he "inherited."

Mr. Obama, like all people who see themselves as victims, looks to gain the sympathy of those around him. He wants us to feel his pain. He hopes sympathy will produce guilt that will cloud our ability to see what he is doing to forever change our great nation. That is why he attacks everything that made us great. He is so busy apologizing. For what? That America has been a beacon of hope and freedom always prepared to help the world in time of need?

Mr. Obama and his administration fulfill the definition President Ronald Reagan set forth about all good liberals who believe in big government. "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

The only things a liberal wants super-sized are government, spending and taxes. If allowed to achieve those goals, we will become the victims Mr. Obama wants us all to be.

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