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Harry Reid, fearless leader of the Democrat-controlled Senate, is not a racist. He is a dope. And I am delighted to hear he will not be leaving us anytime soon – at least until November.

Reid is the gift that just keeps giving. With all the dumb things he has said in the past, coupled with his most recent remarks, he is the best thing to ever happen to any reasonably intelligent challenger vying for his Senate seat. A monkey with a bottle of tequila would be a vast improvement over this buffoon.

I believe the population needs a constant reminder of all that is wrong with the Democrats and big government supporters alike. That's why I would love to see Harry retain his Senate seat. That is if it wasn't so destructive for the nation. His timid, squeaky demeanor makes Dennis Kucinich look like Richard the Lionhearted. Who would follow a wimp like this?

When Harry came out with the now-famous "light skinned with no Negro dialect" observation, everyone was up in arms until Rev. Al Sharpton, the purveyor of black morality, arrived on the scene to straighten everyone out.

Rev. Al deemed Vice President Joe Biden's remarks on the campaign trail, characterizing Mr. Obama as "clean and articulate," reprehensible. However, Harry's comments are completely acceptable and, in fact, warrant full support from the black community, according to Al. The reverend even dismisses any double standard comparisons between Harry and Trent Lott as foolishness.

The average person would not disagree with Harry's description of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He is light skinned and doesn't speak with a Negro dialect, unless he wants to. However, Mr. Obama does speak with forked tongue. He promises one thing and delivers another. He throws friends, family and foes under the bus to promote himself. And he reads one wicked teleprompter.

Of course, this is the trademark of the Democratic Party. It is all about them: symbolism over substance and policy over principle. That's why closed-door meetings continue into the wee hours of the morning at the White House. They are busy plotting their policies, despite the overwhelming objection of the American people.

But I disagree with those that claim this administration is not "transparent." It is very transparent. Those in this administration are all showing like a cheap suit, regardless of how hard they try to hide it. They are not fooling anyone other than themselves. Democrats couldn't care less what the people want. It is all about what Obama needs to maintain power.

The people recently sent a loud and clear signal to the deaf party led by Harry. In both the New Jersey and Virginia elections, Democrats were replaced with Republicans. Tomorrow, the volume will dramatically increase if Scott Brown becomes the senator-elect for the state of Massachusetts. A seat, once owned by the Kennedy family, will be rightly returned to the people.

So I am grateful for old Harry and his moronic outbursts. They only reinforce the reality that big government is not the answer to our problems; it is the problem. And with any luck at all, 2010 will yield a new group of politicians that represents the people and leads with purity of principle – principles like lower taxes, smaller government and more accountability, the kind of principles that work and make us great.

Then we will be a nation of all dialects, skin tones and backgrounds who have our citizenship in common, one that cannot be divided and exploited by the bums like Harry for political gamesmanship.

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