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I keep asking myself the same haunting question: How on earth did this community organizer ever become president of the greatest country in the world?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Just one look at the last couple of weeks reveals the total incompetence of this president and his administration. Nobody is on the same page. Larry Summers says the economy is growing. Christina Romer says it is not. Janet Napolitano claims the TSA/Intel system worked flawlessly, then says it failed completely.

Heck of a job, Nappy!

What we need in the Oval Office is a leader, and we are getting everything but. Even his ardent supporters are turning against Mr. Obama. They are waking up to the sobering reality that they were duped.

How can we have a terrorist act on an American airliner and it be 48 hours before we hear a word from the White House – and when the word comes it is through Napolitano and Robert Gibbs? It took our president 72 hours to make a brief statement before heading off to play a round of golf. It makes you appreciate George Bush taking eight minutes before leaving the classroom on Sept. 11.

This may just be a perfect example of how "manmade disasters" are handled by this clueless administration. Terrorist acts are viewed like a robbery at your local minimart, or a simple criminal issue Eric Holder will address from his leftist Justice Department.

Now the underwear bomber is lawyered up and not providing intel on the other 24 terrorists who trained with him to execute the same act. That is how the Obama administration rolls. What this terrorist should have gotten was a one-way ticket to Gitmo and an appointment for an H2O facial on a flat board until we learned where the others live and their future plans of attack.

But no, this administration would never dream of such lifesaving measures. It is too focused on getting the world to love us. It wants to restore our "image" in the world – you know, the one of weakness Bill Clinton brought us by refusing to respond to the terrorist act on the USS Cole, and the one that cost 17 American sailors their lives.

Terrorists are terrorists. We don't need to understand them, negotiate with them or appease them. We need to eliminate them. Until our fearless leader understands that, we are all in danger. But this president won't even call them terrorists. He won't even acknowledge an act of terrorism when it occurs.

Iran is coming apart at the seams and is pursuing nuclear weapons. Seven CIA operatives and five Canadians lie dead in Afghanistan. Terrorists are plotting to take down our airplanes. The economy is hanging by a thread. Americans are concerned with the forced health-care bill. Isn't it about time the president return the nine iron to the bag, hang up the surfboard, put down the Mai Tai and focus on leading the nation at a time where leadership is our only hope?

We have systems and procedures that work. The Constitution works. What we need is a leader to get everyone on the same page and to promote teamwork and common cause. This recent attack on America should have brought us together, yet this administration is about every man for himself. And, frankly, I don't blame his cabinet for individually getting in front of these issues. They know once Obama's blaming of George Bush for all the "inherited" problems wears thin with Americans, Mr. Obama will start blaming his own. It will never be his fault. He was raised believing in the power of victimhood.

Finger pointing in this presidency has been raised to an art form. Going forward if health care fails, it will be Reid and Pelosi's fault. If cap and trade fails, it will be Al Gore's fault. When Iran get nukes, it will be Hillary's fault. Of course, this is to be expected from the first affirmative action president. It can't be his fault. The buck stops way before his desk.

The only upside to this presidency will be the exposure of the true nature of liberalism, which, to quote Michael Savage, is a "mental disorder." If you think George Bush ruined the Republican Party, just wait until you see what Mr. Obama does to the Democratic Party. The 2010 election is going to be a bloodbath. Mr. Obama and Mr. Emanuel are pushing the country and the DNC right off a cliff, and if the few sane Democrats don't speak out soon the damage is going to be severe to both.

I remember the media making Bush out to be a bumbling idiot and a complete failure for not responding within 15 minutes of an event. What then does it say about Mr. Obama when he takes 72 hours to respond to critical issues?

But keep in mind there are events that seem to command our president's immediate attention. If a cop is accused of something or a family friend gets hurt on the beach, that gets this president in full response mode. He will even leave the golf course if a friend scratches a finger.

Hopefully America has learned a valuable lesson. If not, the few of you left out there who still believe in this guy have another three years to observe his total inability to do anything other than read a teleprompter.

By 2012 America will have looked back at the election of 2008 and will wish Sarah Palin had been at the helm. She has more experience in leadership in her bra strap than Obama in his entire empty suit.

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