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The battle that birthed our great nation was a battle well worth waging. Our founders declared that "taxation without representation" was unacceptable. So much so that men risked fortune, injury and even life in fighting a revolutionary war to break free from tyranny.

Two-hundred thirty five years later, our nation finds itself facing a new tyranny – legislation without representation. Are there Americans willing to fight this time to break free again?

Regardless of which poll one reads, the majority of Americans are clearly opposed to the health-care bill in its current form. As few as 52 percent and as many as 70 perent of Americans have said "no." Yet 220 representatives in the House and now 60 representatives in the Senate have voted "yes."

Is that what this group of politicians deems "representative" of the will of the people?

If so, I am thoroughly convinced we have all the elements in place to spark the second American Revolution – a war that must be fought for the principles of a government "of the people, by the people and for the people."

Not a government riddled with payola and back-room deals cut in the dead of night. Not a government of 535 politicians so concerned about political victories they pay no mind to the damage they inflict on other states. Is winning at any cost what we have come to in America? Bend the rules, cheat or pay someone off just to win?

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If so, as sure as I write this, a revolution is coming, one that will be fought at the ballot box not the ammo box. Americans who care about their country will need to vote without any excuse for why they didn't. Future voter turnout will need to run 90-100 percent. It's far less painful than fighting at the end of a gun barrel as our forefathers did.

Am I the only one in America who gets embarrassed when I see higher percentages of voter turnout in nations like Iraq and Afghanistan where one may actually die on the way to the polling station? Are we really that lazy?

America is not lost forever, as many would have us believe. America is well worth fighting for. We the people can turn this around and return our nation to a basis of solid government in which the elected officials vote the will of the people.

But we must first admit we have a problem. We can no longer afford to live in denial – a denial that has led to apathy, a denial that allows the creeps in Washington to ignore us and get re-elected.

The Senate health-care vote at 1 a.m. on Monday morning is the fourth time in the last two years our "representatives" have voted in direct opposition to the will of the people.

TARP, stimulus, cap-and-trade and now health care have all been done without the consent of the citizenry. Congress apparently knows better than we do. Therefore, they continue to vote in a diametrically opposed fashion to our desires.

Are we to thank them, or kick them out?

The line has clearly been drawn. It is time for all of us to make a decision. Either we need to shut up, sit down and stop bellyaching about D.C., or we need to replace every member of Congress who has abandoned the principles of representative government. We can no longer send to Washington those who would ignore our will simply for a payoff or a political victory.

The vote in 2010 and 2012 will be revolutionary. A vote so simple even a child will be able to make the right choice. A vote for anyone other than the politicians who voted for the above listed legislation is mandatory.

It is time to stop the typical Democrat/Republican, liberal/conservative, black/white voting patterns. We need to start thinking in terms of who is willing to truly represent the will of the people. Who is willing to listen and then vote what his or her constituency demands.

I would love to see a politician strong enough in their convictions and honest enough to set up a website giving all of their constituents a pass code to enter. Then list the pending legislation and all the surrounding information so the people in their district or state could make an informed decision. Then allow that user to register his or her vote. That vote should be taken to the floor and cast on behalf of the people.

At the end of each year the politician can post their voting record and the results. If there are successes, the people made it happen. If there are failures, the blame will fall on the people. I thought that was what personal responsibility as a citizen was about. For each of us to be informed and engaged in the process. I thought we were the government.

We the people are the most powerful political force on the face of the earth. We need not get mad, depressed or apathetic. We need to get engaged. Don't sit back, stand up. United we do stand. And stand we will. We owe it to our founders and to the millions of brave men and women who have fought for our right to representative government. We owe it to future generations who deserve truly representative government.

The Revolution is coming. It can and it will restore our country back to greatness. We will once again bring about taxation and legislation through representation.

If not now, when? If not us, who? We can do this. I have faith in us, the American people.

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