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One need look no further than my home
state of Arizona to see the result of limp-wristed, nice-guy politicians who have abandoned conservative principles and how they will fare in the current political climate.

Senior Sen. and former presidential candidate John McCain is in a battle for his political life as he faces re-election in November 2010. His anticipated competition, a former congressman turned radio talk-show host, J.D. Hayworth, is a mere two points behind McCain in a head-to-head Rasmussen poll for the upcoming primary. It is a statistical dead heat.

So much for the power of incumbency. But why? What could have so many incumbents facing such angry voter headwinds? Why the almost universal "throw all the bums out" attitude?

In my case, it is simple. I'm done supporting candidates from either party who are more concerned about being liked and accepted by the opposing party and the media than they are about representing my interests in D.C. It made me sick to my stomach to watch McCain ignore the American people on issues like immigration and TARP.

Not to mention his unwillingness to engage his presidential opponent, Barack Obama, on issues like Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright or his radical, left-wing ideals. McCain refused to demand even a simple explanation for the multiple "present" votes cast by then state Sen. Obama while serving in the Illinois Senate or for his lack of experience while his own running mate, Sarah Palin, was being relentless attacked for the same.

To watch McCain act like an appeaser toward his challenger was enough for me to never politically forgive him for running in 2008. He should have allowed another qualified candidate to run in his place – one who was willing to fight for the job and hit below the belt if necessary. Now, as a result of McCain's meekness, we have Barack Obama.

Thanks John.

When the racist Harry Reid considers those who are opposed to government-run health care akin to those who supported slavery, McCain passively sat by and watched without uttering a peep. The once strong, heroic war hero has turned into a timid little mouse. If nothing else, McCain should have corrected the historical record that it was his party, the Republican party, who passed the civil rights bill of 1964 when the likes of Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., tried to stop it. History has always recorded Republicans defending the black community while Democrats use them as political pawns.

When racist Democrats like Barbara Boxer spew her pompous condescension, as in the hearing with National Black Chamber of Commerce leader Harry Alford, where was McCain? Why didn't he demand Boxer be held accountable for the outright disrespect she directed toward Alford? It took a man like Alford to defend himself and call Boxer out because wimps like McCain do nothing.

When Democrats openly attack members of his own party, play the race or use underhanded tactics, where is the fighting spirit of McCain? Instead, I see the "Rodney King" McCain asking the question, "Can't we all just get along?"

No, Sen. McCain, we cannot!

Should we sing "Kumbaya" with those who would kill unborn babies with taxpayer dollars? Are we to get along with majorities in the House and Senate who ignore the will of the people on stimulus, TARP, Cap and Trade and now health care? Should we just play nice as Congress gives amnesty to 20 million lawbreakers?


Americans want a strong, truthful, to-the-point candidate who calls things as he or she sees them without fear of hurting someone's feelings or being attacked by the liberal media. Serving the people is more important than camera time. Or is McCain as self-absorbed as the empty suit who sits in the Oval Office? The days of limp-wristed, pansy politicians are over. There is too much at stake to try and find common ground. Bipartisanship is a joke when talking about our freedom, our lives or our national security.

John McCain and other spineless politicians need to go away, and Arizona is going to make sure that happens in 2010. That will clear the way for leaders with conviction and fighting spirits to take our country back. We need leaders with unambiguous positions that don't shift with each new poll. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

It is time for every single politician who voted against the will of the governed to be sent packing. In 2010, and again in 2012, we need to clean house and send back to Washington only those who will fight for this country and its greatness. Not try and win a popularity contest with their opponents.

Democrats learned long ago politics is a blood sport. Winner take all. Republican and independent candidates better learn the same lesson before our country is damaged beyond repair by the likes of Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We need a few good men and women to stand up and say, "no more." The citizens of this nation are willing to fight. Those who represent us should be willing to fight as well. They must be willing to get their hands dirty and be prepared to be attacked by the media elite.

If one year of Barack Obama and his gang is not enough to call a new group of no-nonsense candidates into service; God help us. For when they are called, if they go, God will be on their side.

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