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Is it just me, or is anyone else in America getting the sense there is no leader of our country at the moment? Seriously, I'm having a difficult time believing Mr. Obama is actually the president given he doesn't seem to be doing anything other than giving speeches and throwing parties.

The American people once again have it right. Polls show the No. 1 focus of the administration should be jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.

And yet we see the White House focusing on everything but jobs. Health-care reform, climate change and second-guessing handpicked leaders in Afghanistan appear to have more of our president's attention than creating millions of jobs. Even Rick Warren on "Meet the Press" pointed out the president needs to direct energy to job creation, not health care.

And yet a deaf ear sits in the Oval Office.

But no one should be surprised. The entire Democratic Party is deaf to the demands of the people who elected them to lead. Apparently political victories are far more important to Mr. Obama, Pelosi and Reid than the wellbeing and will of the American people. Victories at any cost, regardless of the future damage they may impose.

Democrats appear perfectly comfortable with extending unemployment benefits, thus perpetuating long-term dependence on the government. Having an electorate reliant on the politicians has been the dream of all Democrats for years, but a nightmare to anyone who loves and cherishes freedom, of course. It's a dream come true for believers in big government.

When I heard Mary Landrieu from Louisiana had dubbed herself "brave" for voting for a bill she knows is bad for America, I knew there was no leader in the White House. There is a dictator willing to allow a $300 million bribe to secure the success of legislation 72 percent of Americans believe will destroy, not improve, the best health-care system in the world.

Landrieu is not brave, she is arrogant just like her president. While I appreciate her candor about admitting she sold her vote, should not every other Democrat scream foul when their citizens were robbed to pay off Landrieu? Not if the dictator needs a victory.

But, hey, let's not allow facts to get in the way. We don't want to disturb the Obamas. They are having the time of their lives flying around in big planes, driving in entourages of 72 vehicles, jet-setting to London to shop or to New York City for a night on the town – not to mention throwing elaborate, expensive parties while the nation drowns in trillions of dollars of debt.

Great leaders lead by example. This administration is providing clear evidence of the lack of leadership in America. The Oval Office has an empty suit sitting at the desk – a suit doing nothing to effect the hope and change promised during the campaign. He has no intention of tightening his belt. For him, it's party time.

Leaders take responsibility for what is happening on their watch, yet this president continues to blame George Bush for all the ills we face. What he can't blame on Bush he blames on Fox News, his czars, the banks, Wall Street or Rahm Emanuel. He will pawn off his lack of strength on our military leaders. It is only a matter of time before Mr. Obama throws Hillary under the bus when Iran gets nukes.

So make no mistake about it. You have a body in the Oval Office, but not a leader. What we do have is a man who will throw his grandmother, pastor, friends and past presidents under the bus to avoid responsibility. He's a man who chooses to vote "present" so as not to be on record for taking a stand and a man who even blames his own country.

We have no president in America. We have no leader in the Oval Office. We are, in essence, rudderless in a world of very turbulent waters.

In the end, Mr. Obama will throw America under the bus to gain another political victory. Health care and Cap and Trade are just two of his objectives. Winning those at any cost is the agenda of this presidency. He will lie, cheat, steal, blame others or whatever else it may take. That will be the Obama legacy, one that will include "fundamentally changing America" just as he promised.

I hope all Americans who voted for Mr. Obama are happy. They may have gotten a great orator and a great campaign slogan, but after 11 months his excuses far exceed his results.

His only great success is convincing his party to turn a deaf ear to the people.

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