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What do hurricanes, wars, terrorism, global warming, bridge collapses, earthquakes and poor health care all have in common? They are all caused by George Bush. You know the "dummy" who doesn't care about you, me or the country. If he cared he would have stopped them all or at least fixed the damage overnight with a stroke of his magic pen.

I will go out on a limb and say you will soon see George Bush blamed for the mine collapse in Utah and the sub prime collapse of the mortgage industry that had the nation holding it's breath last week as the Dow dropped 1,400 points and the credit markets went into complete panic mode. As predictable as the sun coming up in the East is the ability of the Democrats on the left to blame President Bush.

He will be blamed for the mine collapse strictly on the argument that had he not spent all the money on the war in Iraq, he could have spent money making mines safer. As of today, there are three confirmed deaths in the Utah mine tragedy, and the search for six workers has been suspended indefinitely. If the Bush administration had not been bogged down in Iraq, we would have had the money and manpower to save those trapped miners. Evil Bush strikes again.

Under the Bush administration home ownership hit record highs; especially amongst minorities. Many Americans who could never even dream of home ownership were suddenly picking out drapes and color coordinated trash baskets for their new home. With little or no money down, and in many cases without the first payment ever being made, thousands of Americans owned a home. Interest rates were historically low and unemployment was virtually non-existent which made many confident enough to take the step, all under the evil Bush regime.

Now that interest rates have changed and payments have increased, thousands of homes are on the market to avoid foreclosure, values are dropping and banks are in losses. Those losses have caused the recent credit crunch on Wall Street. People are now finding it difficult to refinance, and Bush knew it all the time. It was just another one of his evil schemes. Give a person a home and then take it away. So the panic on Wall Street is Bush's fault.

In classic socialist form, Hillary is talking about a $2 billion fund to save the homes of these poor, innocent victims. Take from taxpayers and bailout folks who possibly never should have owned a home in the first place. And why the bailout? They are victims of the predatory lending practices of Bush's buddies on Wall Street. How dare those lenders expect people to pay for their homes? Especially people who Democrats have trained to expect the government to pay for everything in their lives: Food, housing, health care, daycare, abortions, job training. It's Bush's fault to believe that people could actually be responsible when given the opportunity.

After observing during the last 6 and 1/2 years the predictable left-wing response to everything from natural disasters to economic calamity, I have drawn a simple conclusion. The left has made a deity out of George Bush. And they want him to be a deity that performs their will, not his. Clearly a deity could stop a hurricane or an earthquake. Something as trivial as a mine collapse would be nothing for an all-powerful one like Bush. And if Bush were a benevolent deity, he wouldn't take away a person's home would he? He must be evil.

Fact is, natural disasters occur regardless of who is in the White House. Wars happen. Personal failures are part of life. And despite Democrats' desires, the poor we will have with us always. Today, however, the Democrats have the media as their mouthpiece promoting an agenda of socialism in America. In their world, all the bad is a result of Bush. He could wipe out poverty and free trapped miners if he wasn't so fixated on Iraq. Did we hear the same about Roosevelt and World War II? Did we hear the same of JFK and Vietnam? How many hurricane victims blamed President Carter for the damage done by Belle or David?

So expect the left to continue adding to the long list of failures this president has engineered. When the election comes in 2008, the left will blame all ills of the world and the country squarely on the shoulders of George Bush. Well, guess what. He can handle it. He has proven that time and time again. That is what a leader does. He doesn't attack back; he is too focused on doing his job. He is the only one who has stayed consistent. The left calls it stubborn and arrogant; I call it single-minded and focused.

You can blame all your own personal problems on Bush as well. That will instantly make you a member of the new Victims Democratic Party of America. It wants to be your source and control your life. As for me, give me freedom. I will be responsible for my family and my future.

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