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Nancy Pelosi offering Americans her health-care bill as our Christmas gift excites me about as much as a slave being promised a new set of chains from the slave master. Her idea that taking freedom from millions of Americans is a gift is grotesquely warped. Please take me off your list, Nancy.

The new liberal interpretation of our precious founding documents apparently reads, "Life, Liberty and the procurement of health insurance." If H.R. 3200 becomes law in its current form, it will require each American to buy insurance or go to jail. I have read the Constitution several times and have yet to find the section that requires the demands being imposed by the speaker and her puppets.

Have any of the 220 members who entered "Yea" votes taken a moment to ponder whether such a requirement is constitutional? If this legislation is passed in the Senate and signed by the president, can it pass constitutional muster? If not, why are we spending time, energy and money pursuing "reform" that may be struck down by the courts?

In the end, this may all be for nothing. Hopefully.

Speaker Pelosi and Mr. Obama are so drunk with power as a result of controlling both Congress and the White House, they have blatantly ignored the separation of powers clearly outlined in the Constitution. The executive, legislative and judicial branches are what make up our system – not just Congress and the presidency.

It was just a few short years ago that the Democrats were squealing about the then-resident of the White House trampling all over the Constitution and our freedoms. Pelosi and Mr. Obama are not trampling on the Constitution, they are flat-out ignoring it. Forcing people to obtain insurance with the threat of jail time is no way of securing the "blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." That is, unless you are a liberal.

The government can't run anything other than their mouths. But let's not let that get in the way of Pelosi hijacking one-sixth of the economy, along with several of your basic freedoms. I thought making decisions about one's physical body was important to liberals. I thought no one had a right to tell a woman what she could or couldn't do with her own body, including terminating an extra heartbeat. But now liberals want to control mine? Is this the path to form a more "perfect union"?

Mr. Obama taught constitutional law at the college level. I have to believe he understands just how unconstitutional mandating insurance is from a legal perspective. So one must have to question his absolute disregard for the document and its prescription for our nation. First czars, now health insurance or jail? What the heck is going on?

Are we witnessing a complete, frontal assault on the Constitution from the very people who took an oath to protect and defend it? If so, we have an enemy within – an enemy who desires to give you chains of government mandates for Christmas.

When Speaker Pelosi was directly asked the question of whether she thought it was fair to send people to jail for not buying health insurance, she responded, "I think the legislation is very fair in this respect."

Is she kidding? I cannot believe she said that publicly with the cameras rolling. She is perfectly willing to punish you with jail time to get you to comply with her dictates.

She went on to say, "Do you think it is fair for somebody to say, 'I'm not going to have it (insurance) and if I get sick I'll just go to the emergency room and send the bill to you?'" I agree madman, I mean, Madame Speaker. But I have a better idea.

If someone doesn't have health insurance for whatever reason, why not hand them the bill and have them pay it? If they can't pay the bill immediately, offer them a payment plan. The government is great at that! I remember going to the doctor as a kid and my dad taking months to pay the doctor. If someone doesn't have car insurance and they have an accident, they have to pay to fix the car. Why not their bodies?

If a person chooses not to buy insurance, they should be responsible to pay for their own care. That is freedom of choice. Freedom has responsibility. So instead of allowing a deadbeat to not pay their bill and forgive it through bankruptcy, how about employing the "China Shop" doctrine: You break it, you pay for it. Many people may be paying for the rest of their lives, but that is their choice.

Nancy does not want personal responsibility to be part of America. She wants everybody to do as they are told by her all-powerful bureaucracy. And if they don't, she will send them to jail. That is not freedom; that is bondage.

I have to believe cooler minds will prevail in the Senate and senators like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu will take a closer look and see the unconstitutional nature of the Pelosi edict. Battered congressmen abused by the dominatrix did as they were told. Hopefully the Senate will do as the Constitution instructs now that debate will begin after a straight party-line vote (60-39).

Nancy Pelosi is no friend of yours, the Constitution, freedom or the country. She wants the people in government chains. Her first words as speaker, as she lifted her gavel to the heavens, were, "Let's hear it for the power." Very revealing.

Power has made her drunk. Drunk people do stupid things. It is time to send her to the drunk tank. If anyone should go to jail, it should be her.

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