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Last week the dedicated men and women of the FBI and local law enforcement displayed extraordinary skill and professionalism in thwarting several plots hatched right here in America by terrorists determined to destroy us.

We all owe a tremendous amount of gratitude for the ongoing daily efforts to protect us from the ever-present threat of radical Islamists. Wiretaps of overseas communications and constant surveillance of suspected bad guys are providing safety I believe many in America take for granted.

But I have a message for the yet-to-be-caught terrorists still in America: If you really want to hurt our nation, drop your plans of any future attacks.

The party of big government led by Mr. Obama is doing a fine job of destroying our country as we know it. He and his party have us more torn apart than ever before. Another attack would only bring us together – just as it did on Sept. 12, 2001. We would stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity against you, so you would be fools to attack us again.

The Left is doing the work for you.

With legislation ranging from expensive cap and trade based on flimsy science to the government takeover of health care, Americans are now viewing their government as a true threat to our personal liberty and freedom, both of which are the very foundation of America's greatness. I can't imagine going to jail for not having health insurance
, but the Democratic Party sure can. I can't imagine paying more for energy just because Al Gore and his pals want to make billions on naiveté. George Soros and Keith Olbermann sure can.

We now have a president who speaks at the U.N. and never once addresses the madness of a man committed to wiping a sovereign nation off the map – a man who denies the murder of 6 million Jewish people during World War II. The prime minister of Israel was the only man to hold the moral high ground in condemning the body that would welcome such a man.

Where was our president? Where was our moral clarity?

Mr. Obama now starts every speech with, "This is not about me." And then he proceeds to talk about himself for the remainder of the speech. He talks about how he will save the planet from global warming and how he will rid the world of nuclear weapons and bring peace. He points to "his" efforts that saved us from another Great Depression and how it is he who will clean up Wall Street, the banks, the car industry, the securities industry and provide government-mandated health insurance.

Not about him? Give me a break. It is all about him.

Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama ... He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay … Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama …

You can't get that chant and rhythm out of your head, can you? Neither can the schoolchildren who were forced to learn how to worship their new leader. But it's not about him.

Have we forgotten the outright worship this man received while running for president throughout the world? The press fawned at his every word and refused to do any investigative work on his past associations, writings or basic background.

Mr. Obama is in "fundamental disagreement" with anyone who desires to keep America America – the America where presidents are admired, not worshipped. Mr. Obama is moving at light speed to fundamentally change America and to make it an America he and his radical friends from the '60s have envisioned for decades. He wants an America shaped by the views and philosophies of Rev. Wright and Saul Alinsky, not the convictions and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson and John Jay.

Mr. Obama, Mrs. Pelosi and Harry Reid envision an America where citizens are jailed for not possessing government-mandated health insurance. Will our police officers be allowed to arrest illegals if the Left's new health-care bill is passed? Illegals won't have health insurance, according to Obama. Will they finally qualify for a jail cell? Or do they still represent the uneducated masses that totalitarians like Obama, Reid and Pelosi need to stay in power.

Does any doubt remain that the big government apparatus, ignoring the will of the people, is rapidly destroying this nation? It's destruction at a pace and a level that far exceeds any damage an attack on a subway station or sports stadium could inflict. I am more frightened by big government than a terrorist.

A terrorist can only kill me or destroy my property. An out-of-control, all powerful, unconstitutional government can take away my freedom and liberty. Which do you perceive as the greater threat?

So terrorists need not do anything to ensure our demise. It would only disrupt what the big-government Democrats are doing in leading us down the path of Marxist ruin. Another terrorist attack would stop that process and bring us together. It would force Mr. Obama to focus on our safety and security, his constitutional duty, and abandon the unconstitutional, "fundamental" change he wants to make.

Thank you FBI and law enforcement for all you do to keep us safe from terrorism. I only wish you could protect us from big government as effectively.

It is without question: The Democratic party has been hijacked by extreme leftists like Nancy Pelosi and William Ayers. They are leftists who hate this country in such a visceral way it is now hard to hide. They are leftists who will get what they want, if allowed to do so, regardless of the loss of freedoms and liberties we are promised under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

With the loss of our freedom and liberty, Mr. Obama and friends will have fundamentally changed America into a country that looks more like Hugo Chavez's Venezuela than it does George Washington's Mount Vernon.

To quote Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death." That is more real to me today than ever before. My freedom and the freedom of future generations is far more precious than my life.

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