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While it is a liberty traditionally reserved for the opposite gender, I am exercising the right to change my mind. I want to fully throw my full support behind Obamacare, cap and trade and any other ill-conceived liberal ideas Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi want foisted upon the American people.

But before you call for my immediate termination at WND, at least allow for a brief explanation.

Democrats, led by the ever-popular Nancy Pelosi, have never ceased to remind us "they won." They possess the Congress, White House and an acute sense of entitlement and mandate to pass whatever they think is best for the planet, their power base and future elections.

Damn the people. They are in charge.

Did I mention that they control the checkbook and the credit lines and, therefore, couldn't care less about what anything costs? The thought of burdening future generations with unsustainable amounts of debt is ignored in their quest to bring about an America that is totally dependent on the government.

So the faster they perform their do-gooder deeds implementing all the radical "fundamental changes" Mr. Obama promised two days before his election, the faster he can run America into a financial ditch by spending money we do not have.

Democrats don't realize that no matter how good, how important or how necessary a certain program may be to them, if we can't pay for it and we spend the money anyway the ultimate outcome is bankruptcy. And if we print the money, inflation will send us to banana republic status as Warren Buffet and others have warned. With that status, no one in their right mind will lend us the money we need to finance $20 trillion of debt.

I haven't even mentioned the $86 trillion in unfunded Medicare and Medicaid – or the measly $13 trillion of unfunded Social Security liabilities. Does anyone realize that if we don't have the money to pay for these promised services those services will never be delivered? Hello! Talk about rationing.

Add that all together, and the future is bleak. When will it stop when America is $120, $130, $140 trillion in the hole?

We will have only one option, and that will be bankruptcy – plain and simple. But before you declare that I have lost my mind, think about what a bankruptcy means. America's debt would be either reorganized or forgiven. The country's government would never again be allowed to dig itself into a hole because we won't have the means. It will mean a fresh start, a new beginning.

And the even better news: Conservatives won't say, "We told you so." We will stand ready to offer help in rebuilding the country the liberals drove into the ground. Yes, there is a way to recover from 75 years of the failed liberal ... er ... progressive policy that has given us welfare, Medicare, Social Security and, soon, Obamacare.

Free markets, lower taxes and less government will be the first steps in growing our economy and creating jobs to generate revenues that will pay the bills. We will then harvest our natural resources of oil, natural gas and coal while embracing breakthroughs in solar, wind, hybrid, nuclear and new alternative fuel technologies to break our dependence on foreign sources of energy while creating even more jobs – jobs right here at home. The billions we send overseas will stay right here where it belongs.

It will take holding judges and out-of-control lawyers accountable. Crooks will go to jail instead of being released on technicalities. Child molesters will be locked up never to hurt a child again. Murderers will receive lethal injections. Dope runners will go to jail instead of Border Patrol agents trying to stop them. We will secure our borders and stop the flow of the illegals who burden our system and the drugs that hook our kids.

The sooner we allow liberals to fail, the sooner we can get back to some sanity in America.

I want health care for everyone, if we can afford it. I want a cleaner environment if it doesn't put millions out of work and drive energy costs through the roof. I don't want to see kids go hungry. I want every elderly person in America to not have to worry about food or shelter. But if we believe government programs that provide services – without paying the bills – will somehow start working, we are as loony as the Left. Every entitlement program they have built has failed or is bankrupt. They have spent the money they promised to save.

So let's get behind the president and pass the 1,100 pages of health-care madness that few have even read. Let's go full bore with cap and trade. Let's give everyone not a just chicken in every pot but filet mignon on every table. And when the money runs out and the programs fail, the people will run back to conservative ideas.

Unlike progressives, we will be grateful the nation turned to us for help. And help we will. Conservatives love God. True conservatives love their country, its Constitution and their fellow citizens. Then We the People, whom polls show are mostly conservative, will bring America back to her greatness.

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