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It began with ignoring the voters and passing the $700 billion TARP to bail out the banks. Then it went directly to turning a deaf ear to cries for stopping a pork-laden $787 billion stimulus package. And now, it may soon result in health-care reform that America is clearly opposing by a margin of three to one.

I wonder how many times these bums in Congress will disrespect and ignore the will of the people before they are all thrown out on their big fat … egos?

If our system of government has left it roots in representation of the people for resenting, repressing and ignoring the people, then We the People need to make some very difficult decisions and do it rather quickly.

Shouldn't we have a say in the decision-making process for the country we own and are responsible for? Or are we going to continue to trust the fate of the nation to the antics of the 537 arrogant politicians who will do as they wish and not as they are told?

The current debate over health care reform should be the line in the sand – the canary in the coal mine. I had already decided that any member of Congress who voted for the TARP and/or stimulus would not receive my support in the 2010 elections. Now I am adding health care to that list.

I couldn't care less who runs against anyone on my "no vote" list. I will vote for anyone, regardless of their background or qualifications, before I will vote for a bum who ignores my fellow citizens. To do any less would be to condone their reprehensible behavior, and that is not going to happen with me.

It is time to make our votes count. We can no longer allow talking heads or pollsters to scare us out of our vote because their "research" or opinion shows that a candidate has no chance to win. Too many elections have been determined but such shenanigans, and it has to stop.

Voting our conscience in 2010 is the only chance we have to stop the madness, end the partisan bickering over power and to keep the nation from going straight to socialist hell. Elections do have consequences, and we no longer can expect honesty and representation from our elected officials if we send the same bums back each year. In my book they are all dishonest until they prove their integrity. Don't snow me. Show me. Trust only after you verify.

If We the People are on the hook for all the debt and destruction incurred by these leaders, then we have to fire the ones who refuse to listen – the ones who are selling us into slavery … yes, slavery. With an $11 trillion national debt, expected to grow to $20 trillion in the next 10 years. With $100 trillion in unfunded Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security mandates, just to mention a few, what else would you call it?

So, listen Washington, if you even remember how or proceed at your own risk. We the People will force you out of your cozy offices, strip you of your fancy first-class health care and come after your outrageous pensions if you continue to ignore the people who pay the bills. We will take back what you have stolen.

The people are now willing to depend upon each other. They are mad, not scared. Resolved, not apathetic, and fully ready to take back their country. Don't believe me? Just test us and see what We the People will do. We have been listening and do not like what we hear, so soon you will hear from all of us. The sound will make town halls look like a kindergarten nap time.

We know we have a trump card, and we know it's time to play it. That trump card is a ballot card.

Congress can expect the power of our vote to be fully exercised in 2010. While they and their cronies in the media try to demonize and marginalize our voices, the folks are fired up, ready to go to the polls in mass and demonstrate the true power of the people.

Candidate Obama on Super Tuesday in 2008 offered another brilliant oratory that mesmerized his fans in the media and the gullible masses who hung on his every word.

"Their voices echoed from the hills of New Hampshire to the deserts of Nevada, where teachers and cooks and kitchen workers stood up to say that maybe Washington doesn't have to be run by lobbyists anymore. (Cheers, applause.) Maybe the voices of the American people can finally be heard again." (Cheers, applause.)

He ended the speech with, "And today, on this Tuesday in February, in states north and south, east and west, what began as a whisper in Springfield has swelled to a chorus of millions calling for change. (Cheers, applause.) It's a chorus that cannot be ignored – a chorus that cannot be deterred. This time can be different because this campaign for the presidency of the United States of America is different."

Well, Mr. President, those voices are echoing again, from retirement communities in the desert to the halls of our universities, from seniors who were made promises to the students who will be burdened with the massive debts your government spending is creating.

Are you listening, Mr. President?

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